Lighting is an essential part of our lifestyles either at home or office. There are four main important
benefits from a lighting control system; security, convenience, aesthetics and energy conservation.

You will never need to come in to a dark home again. Your system can be setup to lit specific areas
of your home or office upon darkness. One button press can light a pathway to and from the places
you often walk in the dark: your child's bedroom, the kitchen the bathroom.

You can enjoy the perfect lighting mood everytime. Preset lighting scenes makes beauty efficient.
We will customize your lighting to create the perfect mood for different activities, and recreate the
mood time after time at a press of a button. Lighting sequences can highlight architectural features
or create a festive atmosphere.

Banks of traditional switches and dimmers taking up wallspace don't hold a candle to what you can
accomplish in your home or office with lighting control keypads. With a single keypad replacing
several dimmer and switchers, we can program any button to control any light in the house, activate
scenes, control shades or any combination of them. Each custom engraved button on the keypad,
says exactly what it does for you.

Energy conservation
You can conserve energy while you save money. Dimming your lights by 10% saves you 5% of the
electricity and doubles the life of the bulb. By adding your geographical location the system will
automatically turns outside lights on and off at sunrise and sunset year-round. Not even a minute of
electricity will be wasted as the days lengthen and shorten.