Imagine being able to control your Lighting, Climate, Security, Communications and Audio/Video
systems at your house or business with a press of a button. At Zone Audio we use state of the art
automation technology to allow you to do this in a very intuitive manner due to the simplicity of our
user interface.

Walk into your Theater or Media Room and press the "Movie" button on your touchpanel; the
projector turns on, the screen comes down, the lights dim, the shades close and you are ready to sit
and relax while enjoying your favorite movie.

You get home from work and with a touch of a button you can access a preset temperature and
lighting scene, close the shades, arm your security system and start playing your favorite music at
the desire level.

You leave home for a two week vacation and with another press of a button your alarm will arm, the
thermostats will set back and the lights through your house will start cycling at night time through a
routine that will not make people notice that you ever left for a vacation.

With the advent of newer and cheaper interfaces coupled with easy to use apps, the world is now at
your finger tips, LITTERALLY.