A major trend in the last few years has been the evolution of Audio/Video and Home Automation
using the IP-based network infrastructure. The popularity and affordability of IP networking has
driven our industry to benefit from this technology more and more. BluRay players, AppleTVs and
others need a network connection to download content or upgrades. However with this
development, a major problem has evolved concerning sharing IP-based computer networks with
Audio/Video and Home Automation networks. Audio/Video and Home Automation devices send
out a lot of broadcasts, which can clog bandwidth on the network, and thus affect the performance of
the entire network for all devices. Today's sophisticated home networks require the same
robustness as an enterprise network in order to have a positive user experience. Zone Audio along
with it's sister company Visnet Solutions will design and install a network system for you that will
meet the necessary specifications to perform efficiently in such environment.